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At ARMSA, our aim is to embed a culture of informed decision-making into the wind power sector to deliver safer and more productive outcomes.

By working with enlightened organisations and professionals, we are raising the bar and ensuring that safety ceases to be a tick-box exercise. Instead, it becomes an integral element in strategic business planning and creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our seminal, IOSH-accredited, Managing Safely for Wind Power course launched in 2010 as the sector’s first bespoke risk management programme

Since then, it has challenged 1,200 learners in 40 countries

Our work with companies and associations is aligning their teams with global thought leadership in the on- and offshore wind power market

As a cutting-edge provider of safety-led learning and performance support to the wind power sector, our platform delivers online solutions that are accessible anywhere, at any time.

The ARMSA way treats safety and business performance as interdependent, with a focus on

Critical thinking supported by accredited, sector-specific content, encouraging learning through active problem solving

Greater inter-departmental collaboration and the breaking down of organisational silos

Greater operational predictability and reduced plant downtime

Creating a community of innovators and thought leaders.

All this results in better decision-making, and reduced LCOE and compliance costs.
We know it’s the RIGHT way, and if you recognise the pioneering changes that are taking place in the sector, we want to work with you.

Be a part of our community of innovators, and lead by example…

Develop the management and leadership capability of your team members

Reinforce their CPD with world-class accreditation

Improve organisational performance through embedding safety in every aspect of workflow

Do things the RIGHT way, not just the compliant way.

To take the first steps, enter your details here:

    Our digital performance support platform is based on extensive research.

    We have over a decade of direct experience promoting a philosophy of informed decision-making in the global wind industry. We’re confident it will help wind professionals to embrace active problem solving, making classroom learning a thing of the past.


    Project or Construction Managers

    Support and resources to help project managers deliver the best possible results safely, on-time, on-budget.


    O&M Managers

    Maximise performance and ensure compliance needs are met in today’s cost concious energy production business.


    Procurement or Work Package Managers

    Develop the skills you need to leverage new market conditions and maximise supply chain performance in power generation.


    Asset Managers

    Seize new opportunities, manage risk and achieve coherence amongst asset owners, operators and the supply chain.


    Lead Technicians

    Make the right decisions for everyone in the workplace by managing your plant, people and work environment in a way that achieves safe, efficient and effective outcomes.

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