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At ARMSA, our aim is to work with selected partners to develop a safe, productive and environmentally sound wind power market through instilling a culture of informed decision-making.

By working collaboratively with enlightened organisations and professionals, we are raising the bar to ensure that safety ceases to be a tick-box exercise. Instead, it becomes an integral element in strategic business planning and creating a sustainable competitive advantage.

And by bringing world class accredited learning and performance support content digitally to your members, we are driving better performance through safety.

What are the benefits for you?

Working with ARMSA aligns you and your members with what world-leading innovators are doing in the onshore and offshore wind power market

Access to our learning platforms helps raise the importance of safety throughout the supply chain and asset lifecycle and enables your members to align with international standards

It provides IOSH and CPD (UK) accreditation for your members

The way your members want to learn is changing fast.

ARMSA’s programmes and platforms deliver simple, relevant, effective solutions, exactly where, when and how they are needed. The old approach, characterised by classrooms and tick-box compliance, are long past, replaced by dynamic, sector-specific applied learning, accessed digitally. It’s smart, relevant and it’s already making a positive difference to the performance of wind power organisations.

Over the past decade, we’ve made a difference to over 1,200 industry specialists in 40 countries, and countless organisations, including professional bodies such as Wind Energy Ireland.

We know it’s the RIGHT way. And if you want to be a pioneer in the changes that are taking place in the sector, we want to work with you.

Our resources assist your members recognise examples of global best practice by learning alongside professionals from other countries.

Our platform prioritises the importance of safety at every level of management in your member’s organisations.

We help local organisations to align their processes with international standards.

Your members will enjoy IOSH and CPD (UK) accreditation through the ARMSA Academy.

We have trained over 1000 professionals across 14 different countries on our Managing Safely in Wind Power programme.

National adoption of high quality training helps reduce friction in supply chains, improves workforce planning and labour mobility. 

We’ve been leading in the industry with cutting-edge thinking for over 20 years – no one is better positioned to provide resources that will bring your members into the future.

95% of wind professionals say that ARMSA support has helped them to make better decisions in the workplace.

Trusted by wind power organisations across the globe, our resources have helped to create organisations in which competent management and leadership considers the consequences of each decision before they act.

Work with us to build community of innovators, and lead by example…

Develop the management and leadership capability of your members, using world class, sector-specific knowledge products and decision tools that have already been adopted by national associations

Reinforce their CPD with globally acknowledged accreditations, aligned with national upskilling programmes for managers

Improve organisational performance through informed decision-making and embedding safety in every aspect of workflow

Do things the RIGHT way, not just the compliant way.

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